Introducing Angelina, the pint-sized powerhouse of fur and metal mayhem! This Schnauzer sensation is a headbanging, tail-wagging dynamo, born to conquer hearts with her razor-sharp wit and a fur coat that’s as black as the deepest abyss of metal. With eyes that gleam like molten steel, Angelina embodies the spirit of a relentless shredder on a six-stringed quest for cuddles and chaos. Beneath her fluffy exterior lies a relentless spirit ready to unleash a symphony of barks that echo through the realms of puppyhood. Angelina, the four-legged maestro, orchestrates a cacophony of cuteness, blending mischief with a heavy dose of adorable metal madness!


Breed Type
teacup miniature schnauzer
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📅 2024-04-11
Female Female
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